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What Group of Gamer Are You?

Earlier a standard gamer was once a male normally inside the age institution sixteen-19 years. But these days there are older gamers within the gaming community. According to a few surveys the common age of the male video gamer in US is 35 satta matka and in UK is 23 years who’ve been playing video game for over a decade. Also it’s miles expected that nearly 40 percentage of the video gamers are girls.

There are many subgroups of gamers:

Casual gamers: They do now not spend a whole lot time on playing video games and prefer to play simple sport as opposed to complicated ones.
Hardcore game enthusiasts: They spend most in their amusement time on sport and are quite dedicated to the cult of video gaming. They are typically quite talented.
Retro gamer: They simplest gather and play classic antique video games from the sooner gaming length.
Professional gamer: They play for money. They are experts within the video games of their choice and infrequently play any other sport.
A number of video video games are released each year. A few video games just like the “Need For Speed” series and “Prince of Persia” collection were well obtained by means of the gamers. Strategy video games like the “Age of Empires” as well as “World of Warcraft” have quite a fan following of their own. In the online multiplayer area, “Counter Strike” and “Halo” collection had been pretty a hit.

The gamer of these days is interested by difficult games whether or not it is a strategy sport or a violent gore crammed sport. The profile of the gamer has changed and it has turn out to be older with a robust lady presence. The call for of the modern gamers is that the developers recognize the exchange in the gamer attitude and develop games accordingly.

The game enthusiasts are also in search of games that show creativity of the developer and no longer truely present the old sport, with a few minor changes, under a brand new name.